Your Body is For You


Your body- your mind, soul and spirit is 100% for you 100% of the time. 

I've had to remind myself of that in recent years, since my later thirties and the birth of my daughter ushered in hormonal issues that have often left me feeling upside down and foreign to myself. 

I was mostly silent about my struggle until I began to realize how many other women also battle in silence. If you've been there and you know, I see you and my heart goes out to you. And if you haven't been there and you don't know, be so grateful. 

There was this moment recently when I standing in the face of the chaos and irregularity that my body had been thrown into, where I actually wanted to weep. Not because of hormones. Not because of discomfort or inconvenience, although, that too. 

I felt a deep sense of sorrow for the confusion my whole being was experiencing and even more sorrow for the resentment I felt towards myself. It felt like a betrayal of sorts. 

Because the reality is, this body-mind, soul, and spirit, has carried me through the past 41 years. It has been fiercely loyal to me. It has produced life and carried death, miscarriage, trauma and has been asked to bear so much. 

And through it all, it has been on my side more than anyone or anything. 100% for me 100% of the time. Always fighting for me. 

The realization of this is more sacred than I will ever fully have words for. 

I felt sorrow for all the times I've resented my body. For all the times I wished parts of myself looked different or like someone else. I felt sorrow for all the times I've disrespected myself, for all the times I've allowed others to, for the times I've spoken unkindly to the mirror and to others about this vessel that has carried me through all my years. 

So to you, the one reading this, let it get heart deep this time. Don't let it take a crisis to make you realize the sacredness of your whole being. 

Let's not pick ourselves apart anymore. 

You and I, we are wonders to behold. All of you. All of me. All of us. The beloved ones. 


Let's be fiercely loyal back. 

Let's be 100% on our own side. 

Let's be wholly thankful and honoring of our bodies that have carried us through all of this beautiful life. They endure a lot on our behalf.

Happy International Women's Day. 

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